Dr. Melvin J. Washington, DMD

Dr. Melvin J. Washington, DMD

Dr. Melvin Washington of Relief Dental in Tucker, Georgia contacted me in early May, 2018 needing headshots for himself and his staff.

Our initial meeting was set up for me to meet everyone and find a suitable location for the session. The waiting room of the office was perfect for a two light setup with one reflector. The main light was a 43" octagonal softbox, with a rectangular gridded softbox to the rear right. The reflector was a 40" silver square just to the left of the sitter.

The session was scheduled for the following week. Dr. Washington took the chair first and was a delight to photograph. He projected a natural sense of confidence and was comfortable in front of the camera. The staff were scheduled in 15 minute intervals.

With lighting in place and camera settings nailed down, 15 minutes provides a nice window of time for an introduction and initial conversation, followed by an explanation of the process and 6 to 12 images. Because I shoot with my camera tethered to my laptop, each sitter is allowed to review their images on a large screen and pick the one(s) they like best. Everyone who sits for me knows that we'll shoot until we get something we are both are happy with.

The entire session, including set up, took less than 2 hours and with the images back in the studio, minor retouching and color correction was completed within the week. Dr. Washington's images were made available for download via my Irista site.

Visit Dr. Washington online for more information about his practice.

Dr. Melvin J.H. Washginton and the staff of Relief Dental. Photographed on location in May 2018.

Dr. Melvin Washington Headshot
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