Atlanta’s Best Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots for Individuals

Are you an individual trying to position yourself for maximum exposure in your field? LinkedIn and other social media platforms offer excellent opportunities to be seen by a wide range of potential employers and they provide many companies with their first impression of a potential hire. Being taken seriously by those employers means taking your image seriously. Building a personal brand that shows you take yourself and your talents seriously means looking your best. Matt Spaugh Photography can help you make a positive first impression on potential employers.

Corporate professionals who reflect success set themselves apart from the competition.
A professional headshot can be a key element in your personal brand.

Corporate CEO Headshot

Curious about the process? See a Case Study from first phone call to image delivery.

Headshots for Staff & Employees

Headshots of your employees tell a story of the diversity, creativity, and heartbeat of your company. Digital media is making the world a smaller place every day which can make it increasingly difficult to stand out. Great headshots communicate more than just who works for your company, they tell the story of your company culture and give potential customers something to engage with.

For companies, consistent branding is a key element to your success. If you have a website without professional headshots, you’re missing an opportunity. Consistent marketing builds confidence and makes a memorable impression. Growth comes from consumer trust and consumer trust is built with a high-quality, consistent marketing presentation.

Prospective clients form their opinion about you by your images, and great employee headshots allow you to highlight your greatest asset - your people.

Matt Spaugh photography consistently delivers corporate headshots that speak to your market. Whether you have a staff of 3 or 300, I offer the best corporate headshots for your employees in Atlanta.

If you are promoting your business without professional headshots you are missing an opportunity to build confidence with potential customers.

Staff Employee Headshot

Hassle-Free Headshots at Your Location

Need me to come to you? No Problem. I come to your office with minimal equipment, an eye for good light, and a desire to create engaging images that will build customer confidence.

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Location Sessions



For more than a few headshots, it's much more convenient (and cheaper!) to schedule a session at your location. As with all sessions, we rank images as we go and the subject chooses their favorite.

Session fee and image cost is determined by the number of individuals to be photographed:

1-10 people: $225 Session Fee + $70/image

11-20 people: $350 Session Fee + $60/image

21-30 people: $450 Session Fee + $50/image

31-50 people: $550 Session Fee + $40/image

For pricing on groups of 50 or more, please contact the studio. Your session is scheduled when a 50% deposit is received with balance due at delivery.



Studio Sessions



Studio pricing is flexible. Simply pay a session fee of $150 plus $50 for each selected image. This price includes professional color correction and basic retouching.

During the session we will periodically review and rank your images. When your session concludes, we compare the highest ranked images and choose the very best. The number of images you choose to have processed and retouched is up to you.



Final delivery is a high resolution, professionally retouched digital file of each image selected. Prints are available on request.

Hair stylists and make-up artists are availiable for studio or location sessions. Visit the FAQ page for more information.

Matt Spaugh Photography includes personal usage rights for each person over their own headshots.

Curious about the process? See a Case Study from first phone call to image delivery.