Corporate Headshots &
Business Portraits At Your Location


Headshots tell the story of who you are. But getting them done, especially for a large group, can be challenging. I've spent years shooting literally thousands of headshots and honing my skills to serve companies and organizations who need professional headshots done quickly and efficiently.

I come to your location with a setup specifically designed to get quick, consistent results that will give you a cohesive set of images for all of your marketing and communication needs.

I take pride in getting natural, relaxed, professional photos that reflect your personality and professionalism. Contact me directly with any questions you have about professional headshots and business portraits in Atlanta.

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female corporate headshot
female corporate headshot
female headshot
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From small sessions of your leadership team to photographing your entire organization, I can help you create a concise set of images to tell your story.

Testimonial Headshot, Jared Kee

“We challenged Matt to create images that would illuminate statements from our faculty, staff, and students. He shared valuable ideas and insights and then made those real, all the while helping our subjects feel relaxed and comfortable with the process. Matt exceeded all expectations and returned images that have become central to our story.”

Matt Jordan, Emory University Theater Studies


Rhymes with Cat's Paw

Matt Spaugh headshot

I'm Matt Spaugh, and I love shooting headshots. I love one-on-one interaction. I love the details. I love watching light do what light does on the human face.

Many argue that nothing is more visually captivating than the human face, and I agree. Glorious landscapes and intricate macro photography can speak to the magnificence of the Creator, but nothing captivates, communicates, or creates an impression like a headshot.

Seemingly simple, headshots can be tricky to capture. Relaxing and looking your best while conveying a sense of confidence and approachability can be a tall order. Put my knowledge and experience to work for you, and we'll work together toward the same end goal: a headshot you'll love that will work hard for you. A headshot that will tell your story.