Your headshot tells the story of YOU!

Headshots tell the story of who you are - who your company is. Matt Spaugh Photography shoots some of the best headshots in Atlanta. My images project the confidece and approachability your need to help build meaningful, profitable, and long-lasting customer relationships.

Companies are competing for customers like never before and the number one way to get and keep them is to gain their trust. Performing artists need clear, relaxed, up-to-date images that will speak to casting professionals and make an impression. Enter the professional headshot.

If you have an online presence, you need a professional headshot. Your image on social media and professional networking sites is often the first visual impression someone will get of you. That first impression will make the difference in how you’re perceived and can help ensure that both your professional and personal relationships get started on the right foot.

Corporate professionals and performing artists who reflect success set themselves apart from the competition. A professional headshot can be a key element in making a lasting impression.

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actor headshot
male corporate headshot, Atlanta
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Curious about the process? See a Case Study from first phone call to image delivery.

Was your current headshot cropped from a family photo? Or worse, do you not have one at all? Are the headshots on your company’s website a mis-matched group of poorly lit, out of date images? They’re telling a story - not one you want the public to hear.

Putting your best image forward demands a professional looking headshot. For social profiles, personal websites, professional directories and more. Matt Spaugh Photography can help you project a professional image and increase customer trust and loyalty by presenting your greatest asset to your customers in a professional way.

I’m an expert in getting natural, relaxed, professional photos that reflect your personality. If you want your customers to take you and your business seriously you need a professional headshot. Contact me directly with any questions you have about now about your personal or corporate headshot in Atlanta to set yourself or your company apart from your competition.

We challenged Matt to take our project from concept to creation, creating professional, but personalized, images that would illuminate statements our faculty, staff, and students made about themselves.
He discussed the project at length, sharing valuable ideas and insights with us, and then made those real, all the while helping our subjects feel relaxed and comfortable with the process.
Matt exceeded all expectations, and returned images that have become central to our story.

Matt Jordan, Academic Department Administrator
Emory University, Department of Theater Studies


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Matt Spaugh headshot

I'm Matt Spaugh and I love shooting headshots. I love one-on-one interaction, I love the details, I love watching light do what light does on the human face.

Many argue that nothing is more visually captivating than the human face and I agree. Glorious landscapes and intricate macro photography can speak to the magnificence of the Creator but nothing captivates, communicates, or creates an impression like a headshot.

Seemigly simple, headshots can be tricky to capture. Relaxing and looking your best while conveying a sense of confidence and approachability can be a tall order. Put my knowledge and experience to work for you and we'll work together toward the same end goal: a headshot you'll love that will work hard for you. A headshot that will tell your story.